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what’s next? p.s. i’m back.

Before, I begin let me tell you a) this is Kate. I’m back and b) that I am going to have two posts today. I try not to fill up your inbox, google reader or brain with too many posts but I wanted to have my normal Sunday Song post and I also wanted to explain a bit about where my week took me.

As my brother, who wrote a post that made me cry and I think perhaps gave you a glimpse into the wonderful support I receive from him and how big of blessing he is to me, said I was in Missouri receiving help for my trauma. Or at least that was the plan. To make a very long week short my insurance does not cover trauma treatment. While I am lucky to have insurance that covered some of my eating disorder treatment there are still many areas in which my coverage is lacking. One of these areas is that trauma treatment is not covered. One of these days I will have my mother write about the insurance battles she fights regularly on my behalf. By the way if you didn’t know my mother is a lioness when it comes to get the best care for Chris or I.

Anyways, I did spend some time in a facility in the Kansas City area but was transported by ambulance (a requriement since they did not want to release me yet) to Prarie View in Newton on Wednesday night. Now, if you have never ridden in an ambulance for three and a half hours it is a unique experience. Apparently, ambulances aren’t made for comfort however when you are on new medications which make you incredible tired you can sleep through bumps, uncomfortable seat belts and EMTs that have nothing to do but stare at you. Sooo that was an experience to say the least. I did receive some benefit from the week I was away. They started me on a new medication that is making some sort of dent in the depression that has been deliberating for the last month or so (although like I mentioned it does sedate me).

The question for me now is what’s next? My brother has so much faith in me as do the rest of my family and my plan is to now borrow from that faith, strength and support for the next however many months, weeks or days. We are preparing to go to battle with the insurance company to try and gain a single case agreement so I can receive inpatient or residential treament for my trauma. It is going to be a long battle for sure with perhaps no success but my parents are willing to try (if you have hints or tips for dealing with insurance companies I’d love to hear them btw!). The reality is that while I can possibly do the work I need to do outpatient, inpatient treatment would be invaluable at this point and speed up my healing progress. It is not yet imperative that I receive it but it would be helpful in helping me truly move “onward and forward” as my favorite doctor says.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. Thank you Chris for being a huge motivation for me as I continue on my path to recovery. I have realized I am loved more than I know.



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