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My name is Kate and I am twenty-six years old. My blog has now been in existence since April of 2011. I had returned home from eating disorder treatment in February of that year and was looking for an outlet and a place to organize my emotions. Out of that came fightingmywayback. The title comes from something I wrote in my journal near my final days of treatment – “It may have been the day my world fell apart but it was also the day I began to fight my way back. Maybe, just maybe that’s one small reason it happened.”. This belief is what set me on the path to recovery from my eating disorder and ultimately my trauma. I am now in recovery from my eating disorder but struggle everyday with trauma. Because of this I am accompanied by a service dog in training, named Gus. I continue to fight my way through my trauma and eating disorder. I have set backs and triumphs and this blog chronicles them all. I leave some things out because of my privacy and the privacy of others but I think that this blog gives a pretty accurate picture of my journey. And so I invite you to accompany me on it.


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  1. I like who you are, and I think you are brave, !
    I will continue to follow your blog, and wish to know more about you!
    Fighting Kate!!

  2. Lisa F


  3. Hi Kate:
    I hope blogging is helping. I have suffered from eating disorders, anxiety, depression, panic disorder and PTSD for over 25 years now. I am much better through the help of therapists and family but still have “moments”. Stay strong. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, if you have made it through today, you are really strong already.

  4. kkeiffer

    I love your blog! So inspirational!

  5. KatherinesDaughter

    Love your blog! I (also) think you are brave- keep going! Have you ever read any of anne lamott’s books on faith? Her first one of three is called Traveling Mercies…Thoughts on Faith. It is available through used books in amazon for probably $5 or less. So worth it. You’d love her…

  6. Kate…I am so proud of you.

  7. Scarlett

    I’m so glad you’re sharing your story here. I seriously respect your strength!

  8. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! More information can be found here: http://halfwaybetweenthegutter.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    • Thank you soooo much! This is exciting it’s my first blogging award. 🙂 I will post the seven things tomorrow! I’m going to check out your blog now. 🙂

  9. Bek

    You are very, very beautiful. Thanks so much for popping your head over my way and leading me to your blog! Hope we can both be an encouragement to each other Xo.

  10. Hi Kate. Not sure how you came across my blog but I’m glad you did. I don’t talk about it much but I have been recovered from anorexia for 9 years. So I want to say to you to keep going forward. Recovery is possible. It’s often up and down but definitely possible. Keep focused on your goals and trusting God and you will get there.

    • It really means a lot to me to hear from people who are recovered Thank you for sharing that. I found your blog through another blog that I follow. She had you listed on her blogroll. 🙂 I love books and I am really looking forward to getting some new ideas on what to read. 🙂

      • Ah, yes. I know who you mean. That would be my lovely friend. Well, I’m sure you will get some ideas off my blog. I’m always reading something. And on a different note, although I don’t share much about my journey and recovery, perhaps I will think about sharing something. I want to give other people help without compromising my own privacy. A little tricky but I’ll give it some thought 🙂

  11. Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog.
    We’re in this together, and we’ll get out of it together. Deal? You seem like such a beautiful and gentle soul, fight for your precious life.

    Looking forward to read your thoughts – both the challenging and the ones filled with hope and joy.


  12. Sarah

    I was reading recovery blogs and I love yours! I am ironically read your blog and then saw you went to Cfc and laureate. Im going to one of them. Any suggestions, differences, recommendations or pros and cons? Thanks for the help

    • Thank you so much. It’s such a good outlet for me. That is very ironic. When you commented it gave me your email so hopefully it’s alright if I email you some pros and cons. I will say I had a much better experience at CFC than Laureate but I’ll give you the details in the email. 🙂

      • I just sent you an email with the email address given to me by wordpress. I hope that was alright. Let me know if you don’t get it and I’ll find another way to answer your questions. 🙂

      • Ed

        Hello Kate my name is Eddie and I have a sister that is suffering from an ED…I came across your post and I must say I am so happy for you. My sister is considering going to CFC in Utah and since you were there, I would LOVE hearing your personal opinion. Anything will be helpful. Thank you in advance. Oh, and she has been to ERC in Denver.

      • Thanks you. 🙂 CFC is an amazing program. I have not been to ERC so I can’t really say anything about them but CFC has many things that I think other programs lack. They are very strict. Behaviors are not tolerated and it is virtually impossible to get away with them. However, having said that the staff is so supportive. I felt loved and cared for even in my darkest moments. Their patient to staff ratio is I think higher than normal (but I don’t know that for sure). There are a variety of groups but the thing that made the most difference to me is that they believe in full recovery. Recovered. Period. Not “in recovery” but that everyone can be recovered. I would be glad to talk more about my individual experience if you or your sister would like more information. If you would email me at kate.givan@gmail.com. Also if you search CFC or Center for Change in my search bar you should be able to find posts I have written about my time there. Check out my Letter of Hope (which is at the top of the page) as well.

  13. Kate it is LIsa from Pinterest.
    Love your strength and I think you are fantastic.

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