20% of people with eating disorders will die.

One woman and one girl has died from their eating disorders this past week who I met at my second treatment center. These make the fourth and fifth people I have known to have died from this disease.

I have been out of my first treatment center for five years. I have been out of my second treatment center for four years. I am scared as to what the next twenty years will bring for the women I grew to love.

When are they going to stop dieing?

I will remember you Nicki, Keir, Amber, Mattie and Aimee. I will fight for you.



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  1. Reblogged this on strugglingbutstillfighting and commented:
    I have been struggling this past month, too. Not just with eating, but with everything. Last Thursday I cut my arms with a knife and took so much medication, mine and ibuprofen… I just wanted the pain to go away. But I gave fate a chance. I called Childline, and they called an ambulance. The paramedics called mum and by that evening I was back in the ward that is so familiar now. But it didn’t take long to rise again. I didn’t eat for those two days, because I did not wish to exist or live. But by Friday evening, I was back up to fight. I was discharged and spent another night at my Grandma’s, which I call my Recovery Center from back in January. By the next day, I was back home by night, back with Primrose, my beautiful kitten. I will never forget Misty and what she gave me – she gave me her heart and love to have the strength to fight. And I will. I promise, Misty, I will fight. I will fight for you, and for Prim, and for the little ones – Emma, who looks up to me so much, and knows so little about the suffering that the world can cause and endures. I will fight for those sisters fighting beside me, and all of us, in causes no one can understand until they have been through such hell as hours in a blank room in a hospital, staring at the wall and thinking, feeling, nothing, because they do not wish to even exist in this cruel world. But we can fight back. And we will. We will stand together and not let the mind demons win. We will fight and we shall win. Together. Stay strong, all. x

  2. I am so sorry ❤
    This is such a serious illness and people need to treat it like one!

  3. Mary

    Good for you! Keep fighting, keep their memories alive and live your life fully everyday to honor those that have not been so lucky. You are amazing!

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