snapshots memories – me and Poppy

An old song from my childhood today to honor father’s day. It was always my dad’s and my song. Also in honor of father’s day I wanted to share some ‘snapshot’ memories I have of my Papa who I  have always called Poppy.

Poppy sitting beside my bed holding my hand as I fell asleep because I was scared to sleep alone without being rocked to sleep and then later having him sit on the other side of the wall (which happened to be the bathroom) while I tried to sleep and hearing him thump the wall every ten minutes to reassure me he hadn’t left.

How Butterfly Kisses was always our song and he teared up when he heard it.

His oral retelling of The Hobbit (complete with some creative liberty I’m sure) on one summer trip to Denver. Later when he read all three of the Lord of the Rings books out loud.

Bonding over our mutual love of dogs and him introducing me to our very first dog, Liesel.

Always holding his hand in stores as a child.

Sitting on his lap in church.

Poppy’s Place for breakfast.

Long dog walks in high school and middle school.

Political discussions.

Leading the 4-H dog project together. 

Visiting me while at Laureate when I was still so dazed but loved seeing his and my mother’s face.

Going out on pass with just him and Chris in Utah where all I did was sleep in the car and feel perfectly safe and content. 

The support I’ve had since returning home from treatment.

Dreaming with me about my future in a dog business.

Sticking up for me in a variety of situations that have arisen and knowing that “Papa is taking care of them” so I don’t have to worry.

Knowing that at the end of the day when I was in the psych. hospital he would be there even if he did bring the wrong things. 🙂 

Going with me to agility, obedience and all of the dog classes I’ve started again and being willing to talk dogs with me for a long time after.

And many, many, more.

purple friday 2012

I love you Poppy.




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2 responses to “snapshots memories – me and Poppy

  1. Mary

    What a lovely post, Kate. Beautiful memories.

  2. Kate,

    I love your “Poppy” too! I remember when he was born thinking he was the tiniest little baby I had ever seen. My brother (his cousin Jeff) was born 6 weeks earlier & he was fat, dark skinned with black hair… And there was Tim, so tiny, pale & precious. As we got older I was his biggest protector. He & your Aunt Jane would come visit us with our Grandparents & Jane/Jeff would gang up on him. But, they had to get past me if I was around!!!. To this day your “Poppy” & I have a very special relationship & I think we are both BLESSED to have him in our lives. I am proud of him & you! Keep up the great progress & I am so glad you are in the program working with dogs. They love us unconditionaly! HUGS! Charlene

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