Chris graduates and a make up commencement speaker

Sorry for the delay in postings things in my life have been moving along at a faster clip than what I’m used to but what perhaps will be my new normal. This weekend my parents, Ben and I traveled to Fulton MO to see my brother, Chris, graduate from college with a degree in philosophy. I couldn’t be more proud of him. I saw his college, his home, met his friends and watched him walk across the stage and through the columns (a tradition his college has).

Ben did well. He is still in transition but Shona was not ready to attend graduation or go on a road trip quite yet so Ben went. And honestly, this would have been Ben’s strength anyways so even if Shona was fully trained this would have been an area where I would have chosen for him to go.

I’ll go into deeper detail about my own feelings from the experience but I want this post to honor his accomplishment. So here are a few pictures from his day.

And Chris –  to make up for your commencement speaker: 



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One response to “Chris graduates and a make up commencement speaker

  1. Mary

    Yay!!!!!! I’m glad you have Ben so you could be there for this very special day. Chris has changed so much over the past four years 🙂

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