updates: grandma, benny, my future (yes, I’m actually thinking about the future!)

I’ve cut back on updates and I apologize for that. It’s been very hectic in my life lately. My grandmother had quadruple bypass surgery which was very unexpected and my entire family has been helping her and my grandfather. I have mainly been providing Benny comfort and visits. Now that Grandma is home I can give rides and spend more time with her and Grandpa. They are very precious to both Ben and I so I enjoy the time I have with them and like to help.

Benny also wants to help. He adores grandma and wants to do what he knows to do to make her feel better. He knows that I feel better when he performs an over (lying either completely on top of my body or over a portion of my body). Several times I have had to stop him from launching himself at Grandma. He wants to help and comfort so badly but this is not exactly the uh…best way to do this at the time being.

Today, Benny and I went to the Sunflower Cluster Dog Show which is in Wichita. I have gone almost every year since I first started training dogs at the age of seven. It is a HUGE show filled with every dog sport/event you can imagine. And one of the best parts? The vendors who are set up and sell everything from dog jewelry to toys to leashes to bumper stickers. I came away with quite a bit of stuff.

The past several years I’ve only been able to zip in, check out the venders and leave. This year with Benny I was able to stay longer, enjoy the show, watch a friend compete, eat lunch and enjoy myself. It felt so nice to be free from most of my anxiety. I forget sometimes just how big of an impact Ben makes on my life and then something like this happens that reminds me. As for Ben? He was on his best behavior. He ignored the other dogs. He was quiet. He stuck close to my side. He was watchful but not overly so. He ignored other people unless I gave him a “say hi” command. And he even ignored the abundance of food, treats and other things on the ground. This shows his growth more than anything I have yet seen. Our partnership is becoming so solid. I love this dog. So, so much.

And to end this quick update I’ll say that I am beginning to look into more teaching opportunities for myself to hone my training skills and help train other dogs. I received some encouragement today from a man who I have known for many years (first as a 4-H judge – he judged me at age seven – that’s 17 years ago! ouch!). I have realized that doing something with dogs is what I want to do with my future and this encouragement and trust in my abilities is something I still need. As my plans become more solid I’ll let you know but for now I am very content knowing I have a direction to point my life in.

And for your enjoyment…Benny pics:

Skating with Benny. Only one faceplant so far.

Benny visited the Easter Bunny at the mall!

Visiting at the hospital before my Grandma’s surgery


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One response to “updates: grandma, benny, my future (yes, I’m actually thinking about the future!)

  1. Pamela Alida

    I am thinking of you, your grandmother, and the rest of your family and sending out lots of hugs and positive thoughts!

    I am so proud of you, Kate. You have come so very far! I hope you accomplish everything you set out to (I know you will!) and that you one day have a house or farm with lots of dogs that I can come visit and cuddle with (you are going to need to get a German Shepherd per my request considering I will [hopefully] end up living in Boston and they are kinda hard to have in a tiny apartment in the city)

    I love you lots! Keep kicking butt! You rock ❤

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