i love these four little girls

I’ve realized these last few days how blessed I am. I grew up very close to my cousins and two of these cousin’s have now started a family and have children of their own (all girls!). In fact, yesterday one of my cousin’s welcomed their newest daughter. Besides that the girls are almost three, two and three months. My cousin’s have opened their hearts and let get to know their daughters. Not all cousin’s would make the effort to do this but my cousin’s do and for that I consider myself extremely blessed and extraordinarily thankful.

Having the three (now four!) little girls in my life allows me to see the world through childlike wonder again, the gentleness that children can express towards animals, their absolute exuberance for life, their love for dancing, the caring they can bestow upon others, the ability to freely express their emotions (sadness and happiness) and a love for food.

I can learn so much from these little ones. I love them deeply and I pray everyday that they will avoid the struggles I faced. It’s scary how society can impact little girls but I also have faith in my cousin’s. These little girls will grow up loved and supported. I too grew up loved an supported but these girls have a gift I did not. Their parents have the gift of awareness and knowledge. And that is a great gift.

I love you little Ava Grace, Olivia Imogene, Adelynn Faith and Kinley Elma.



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3 responses to “i love these four little girls

  1. so adorable. I love little kids!

  2. Mary

    aw…they are pretty darn cute all together 🙂

  3. And, having faced these struggles, you’ll be armed to help your nieces. Your fight hopefully won’t be their’s.

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