What No Longer Defines Me: 

My eating disorder


This mythical idea of the ‘perfect’ job

This locked in view of who God is

The image of the ‘sheltered one’

Being a ‘drummer’

My school status

Choosing to be “the quiet one”

The victim role

What Still Defines Me But I am Working to Let Go Off



My fear

That illness

The option of self-destruction



The hold they have over me

The attachment to the past

What Does Define Me

My relationship with Ben

The idea that my spirituality and faith can be fluid and changing. I don’t have it all figured out and I don’t have to fit into a mold and that’s okay.

My friendships. The true meaningful ones.

Giving back. Loving more.

Family, friends





Finding my passions and pursuing them

Dreaming and following those dreams

Allowing myself to Live. Truly live.



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3 responses to “

  1. You are wonderful my dear. I want to do a post like this. You may see it in the coming days ❤

  2. I like this. I mean, I’m kind of a list-lover anyway, but I appreciated this one because of the substance.

  3. I admit I stumbled a bit over “…not to have memories”. Maybe your situation is different, but memories are what makes me ME and I have a lot of bad ones, but the good ones are so delicious and I savoir them and hold them close to my heart. Did I misunderstand??

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