Hi everyone. It’s training week for my service dog Ben and I. I probably won’t be updating this blog very much this week but go here to read about Ben and my journey.



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  1. So excited to begin fresh tomorrow! Boo, food poisoning! Yay, team training! Ben loves you already… He’s been moping around my hotel room ever since you left. I do believe this will be Ben’s last night with me….

    • Ahhh…I’m ready for him to be here. 🙂 And I’m excited to begin working! Today gave me a tiny idea of what will come and I love it. And yup so far your trip has not been kind to you. Hopefully, the rest of the time will go by just fine.

      • Kate–
        I was overcome with emotion when I saw the picture of you kneeling and loving Ben. It was so-o-o beautiful. I am happy the first day went well and will be the beginning of wonderful things for you two. WOW !!
        Love you a bunch. granmom g

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