lessons learned from Glee

I’ll admit. I’m a Glee fan. I love the show and you can find me every Tuesday sitting in front of my television at 7:00 waiting to see what songs the cast will sing that week.

The show  is entertaining and can be quite witty. However, I also like it because it has tackeled some of the biggest society/teen issues in the country each complete with a song and a heart wrenching story line. Here are just a few of the issues that the show has tackled.

Coming out.

Young relationships (both gay and straight)




Teen pregnancy.


However, the issue that has most effected me lately was the recent story-line on domestic violence. The way the show portrayed it was realistic and very true. On Tuesday’s episode the teacher who was being abused left her husband. The things he said, the way he intimated her and her reaction reminded me of my own experiences. I was watching with A. and as I watched the scenes unfold and the song (of course there was a song it’s Glee) I had tears streaming down my own face.  A. let me cry. She was okay that I didn’t want to talk and just let me cry. It was a moment I had needed for a long time (thank you so much A. so much).

It caused me to look at my past and mourn for some things that I have lost and have experienced. I know it’s only a TV show but it was a show that impacted me greatly. I don’t know what I’m trying to say except we can learn and grow from many different places. For me it was this episode of Glee.

This first song was sung in the first installement of the storyline when Biest (the teacher) chooses to return to her husband.

And the second is sung by Biest and Puck (who is my favorite male character) after she leaves for good.



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4 responses to “lessons learned from Glee

  1. Allison

    Sometimes you just need to cry without having it analyzed or have somebody “fix” it. And I want you to remember that you got through it! nothing horrible happened. That episode was a lot to handle, but you did a beautiful job! Love you so much girl! I continue to be blessed as I get to watch your healing process ❤

  2. It is really refreshing to see what they are doing with a tv show now. They’ve also talked about OCD, abandonment, being physically handicapped and bring transgendered. The list is really long and it’s so wonderful. It’s a great outlet to tackle the real issues out there. Dave sat here and said “I really liked that arrangement”. I did too! Her voice is unique, but they blend well together.

    • I agree. I think they are tackling so many different issues. I would have included more but I couldn’t find songs for them. lol.
      The sad thing is though I was talking to Beth this week and she told me that she has had so many adolescent parents talking to her about how they are upset that their daughters watch Glee. I was stunned and asked her why. It’s b/c they showcase gay couples. I was literally speechless. She reminded me we live in Kansas. But seriously??? I just don’t get people.
      I love Puck’s voice and I was surprised at her voice as well. It worked.

  3. Mary

    Great points. Even at it cheesiest, Glee has really tackled some hard issues in a way that has allowed for growth in people, I think. It’s certainly one of the reasons that I’m still following the show.

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