i am 23


I am 23. It sounds old to me. Don’t worry I know it’s not but it honestly does sound old. I still feel, oh somewhere around nineteen. I suppose that’s because that is the age when I got really sick. My life has taken many different turns that a ‘normal’ twenty-three year old’s has but I believed I have ended up where I needed to be.

My birthday was beyond special. I had my family gathered around me. I felt cherished and loved. I was happy. In many ways this was a milestone for me. A birthday where I’m happy. A birthday where I had a real cake (I had a fake one at Laureate) that I ate  (well actually Oreo Dessert – soooooo good) and enjoyed it and even had seconds. A birthday where I chose how to spend my day and was actual free!

Somethings never change though. Like all my past birthday’s my cousin David was there to ‘help’ me open my gifts. I passed my cards and gifts around as is our family tradition and hid my money from greedy cousin hands. I laughed at my family’s comments. My mother started giving me little gifts five days before my birthday and I chose a place to eat lunch out.

It was comforting to realize that something’s never change. I still am Miss Kate and Kater. My family loves to give me dog things (thanks for my pooper scooper bags Papa :D) and Grandma gives little thoughtful gifts. In many ways I felt that I was experiencing the joy that I had missed from many birthday’s past. And as I enjoyed my day I realized that this is how life is meant to be lived. With an appreciation for a year full of growth and anticipation for the future.

And I ended up not wishing on the candles. I didn’t know what to wish for. I feel as if what I have wished for in years past is slowly coming true. And I can’t ask for anything more.

My "cake" from Laureate for my 21st birthday. My family covered it with cards and well wishes.

My cake this year. A real cake with real candles!

Like I said. Somethings never change. He helped me at four and he helped me at 23.



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4 responses to “i am 23

  1. Sarah R

    This post makes me smile! I am glad you had a good day, enjoyed your cake, and the many wonderful family traditions our family has!! Happy day-after!

  2. He even blew out your last candle. What a helpful cousin. Glad you had such a fabulous birthday!

  3. Mary

    Haha…love that David is still helping you through your birthday wishes!!! Such an enjoyable post!

  4. Happy belated birthday love! So proud of you and glad you had a special day ❤

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